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How microbes in a mother’s intestines affect fetal neurodevelopment

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

During pregnancy the mothers gut bacteria (part of her microbiome) regulates the key metabolites, small molecules that are important for healthy fetal brain development.

“Depleting the maternal gut microbiota, using both methods, similarly disrupted fetal brain development,” said the study’s lead author, Helen Vuong

"The results suggest that interactions between the microbiota and nervous system begin prenatally through the influence of the maternal gut microbiota on the fetal brain, at least in mice"

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Read more here: Helen E. Vuong, Geoffrey N. Pronovost, Drake W. Williams, Elena J. L. Coley, Emily L. Siegler, Austin Qiu, Maria Kazantsev, Chantel J. Wilson, Tomiko Rendon, Elaine Y. Hsiao. The maternal microbiome modulates fetal neurodevelopment in mice. Nature, 2020;

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