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Whether you are pregnant, have a newborn, a toddler or work in pregnancy and birth this site is for you. Our goal here is to help EVERY baby get the best bacterial start in early life by sharing information, resources and news on the infant microbiome.

At birth every baby gets joined on it’s life journey by trillions of bacteria, viruses and fungi that make up the infant microbiome. While there may be some bacterial preparation before birth, the most important part happens at and around birth; how we are born, how we are fed, whose hands hold us first, skin to skin, the environment all introducing us to the amazing bacterial world in which we live, and starting our own bacterial world living in and on us.

The microbes in first will establish the all important gut bacteria and help train the immune system. How healthy this set up is at the start can have a major influence on lifelong health and well-being.

Whether you are expecting, a new parent, a midwife, obstetrician, doula, antenatal educator or  just interested, this site is to help you find out how we can help every baby get the best bacterial start however and wherever they are born.

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“If I can prevent one baby having the life threatening conditions my son has, all this work will be worthwhile”

Bridget Supple - Founder Your Baby's Biome

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This website is run by perinatal educator Bridget Supple, her eldest child was born by emergency caesarean and is the only one of her four children to have life threatening allergies and severe asthma. While understanding that one example does not make a case, SO much evidence suggests that disruptions to the transmission of bacteria in early life especially caesarean birth increases the risk of those conditions. As a result of the experience with her son, Bridget has been driven to share the latest evidence and work tirelessly to try to make sure every baby gets the best bacterial start however they are born. Getting a good microbial start helps protect health for a lifetime, so this website is to help every baby by informing parents and birthworkers alike about the infant microbiome. Some babies absolutely need to be born by caesarean so we aim to make sure that babies get the best microbial start in all circumstances.

Bridget is available for lectures and runs workshops on the Microbiome in pregnancy, at birth and in early life including feeding choices.

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